My Australian Visa Journey Part-2 (Step by Step Guide for applying Business visitor subclass 600 through Immiaccount)

Step by Step Guide for applying Online

Step 1:- ImmiAccount

Create your ImmiAccount via You will be required to provide basic but the most important information such as your Family name (aka surname, Last name) and Given name (aka First name) and contacts details like email address and Phone number. Please make sure that the name you provide is exactly the same as in your Passport, otherwise you will face serious issues later. Further, you will be asked to create a password and security question and answers.

YaY! You did the first step but still way to go..



Step 2:- Fill the Application Form

Log-in to your ImmiAccount and start filling in the visa application. Click on New Application icon and select the correct type of visa applicable for you (For me it was Visitor visa 600). Proceed with filling up the application.

As a reference you can refer to my visa application here. This should answer all your general questions.


Here are the Top 5 tips for filling up the application form:

  1. Keep you documents handy. You would need your passport, Invitation letter, Australian Business contact details, Letter from your employer etc.
  2. Ensure that the critical information matches with your documents like passport number, Date of Birth, Issue and Expiry dates of passport.
  3. Non Accompanying members of family unit is important field as it justifies your relations with the home country and the intent to return. I added my spouse and dependent child details.
  4. Ensure that the Organization/Individual funding your trip is clearly mentioned and documented. I got my invite letter endorsed specially for the same with “All Expenses during the stay will be borne by XYZ Company”.
  5. Ensure your contact details are accurate. Your correct email address and phone number is important for communication as you will receive Visa approval online. So, no typo errors should be there.

Sydney CBD (Central Business District) & Sydney Tower from Opera House

Step 3:- Attach documents

Now this is the most hectic and critical task. Officially you have to provide documents as per the checklist here. Below is what all you would need:

  1. Printer+Scanner with sufficient Ink levels (both color and black and white).

  2. A good internet connection.

  3. Attestation from a Notary (You should go to the nearest court or Govt. offices like transport authorities where notaries are present in plenty)

The key is to ensure that you provide enough evidence of your purpose and intention.

First Scan your documents (*if not available in soft copy) >>Print all the documents >> Get them attested by a notary >> Scan the attested documents back >> Merge the documents which are similar in nature i.e. 64 pages of passport, 2 page of Aadhaar card should be merged in 1 single PDF only>> Upload the documents

Use online web tools available such as for performing merging activities. You may be required to upload the following documents.

AU Visa documents

Some tips for document upload

  1. Your photo should be self attested at the back. Use a black sketch pen or ball pen and write “This is a true photograph of ” Your Name and signature. You don’t need to get it attested by a notary.
  2. Ensure that the documents are scanned and printed with good quality. Don’t go to photo state shop as they generally have poor quality. Prefer a good color printer instead.
  3. Do provide your own financial status even if it is some other organization funding the trip. I included EPF, PPF, NPS passbook details as well.
  4. In “Intention to return” section, I included birth certificate of my child and property assets in India to show my roots at home.
  5. A good travel history is always helpful. I included visa details of previous travels from my expired passport.

Step 5:- Pay the Visa fees.

Once you are done with uploading documents, the easiest task comes in. You can pay the fees for the visitor Visa which is AUD140 as on today (Sep’2018). You can pay it through Credit cards. Better ask your company to pay for it directly in case of business visitor visa. Once you submit the visa fees and application. You will get an email notification of the application received and submitted successfully. From here, you have to sit back and relax until you hear back from Australian department of Home affairs. Your application status on the portal will appear as “Received”. Your application may go through a number of stages .

In my case, the Australian Department of Home affairs did not ask for any information and the application status changed directly from Received to Finalized/Granted within 5 business days. It was a super awesome experience in the end!

Visa Acknowledgement

Below is what I received after 5 business days..Thanks to the quick turnaround from Australian Department of Home Affairs

Visa Approval

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