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Hi, I am Jayant Kodwani, A Data Expert, Cloud Architect & Project Management Professional

Jayant Kumar Kodwani

MACS CP | PMP | PRINCE2 | PMI (AH-MC [*among world’s first]) | Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist                        Associate | Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert | MCSE (Data Management & Analytics) | Microsoft Certified Educator | Member of PMI, ACS, DCF | Medium Author

A Data Science Expert, Cloud Architect & Project Management Professional

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परोपकारार्थं इदं शरीरं – This life is to help others

With the above vision, this website is an attempt to share my professional knowledge, experience, tools and best practices with others. I am a data lover 💖 and passionate about learning, experimenting and sharing my knowledge. Since 2007, I have been helping top Fortune 500 companies to transform in data science and analytics domains. I truly enjoy training and mentoring learners on Data science, Data Analytics/visualization  and project management. Apart from that, I am also a dad of 5 year old kid, an Amateur Astronomer and love to have a wheel in my hand and four on the road! 🚗

About me

I am a firm believer of the fact that data is the new age currency 💲. With a strong technical expertise, proven experience in handling strategic projects and a creative spirit, I have been helping Top Fortune 500 companies since 2007 by transforming their data and empowering data-driven and intelligent decision making 🧰. 

Nothing amazes me more than solving complex data puzzles rubik,cube,side  and uncover actionable & valuable insights.

  • 👨‍💼 Who am I?:-Since 2007, I have been helping Top Fortune 500 companies like UHG, MetLife, Gartner, Bank of America, Microsoft.. by transforming their data and empowering data-driven and intelligent decision making 📊.


  • 🏢 Current role:- Currently, I am working as Senior Manager @WundermanThompson where I have a hybrid role of working as Data & Insights expert for Microsoft Australia and leading a highly experienced team of data specialists, team leads and lead consultants for other areas.


  • 💼 Solutions:- Some of the results I’m really proud of are influencing a couple of million dollars for CEB now Gartner by building a blockbuster product, help improve the Microsoft’s CRM database integration by building cutting edge algorithms 💡 and leading an entire data management process transition from Prague to Delhi by first acquiring knowledge and then training  a wonderful team of 10 data specialists.


  • 📜 Certifications:- I love to acquire skills and knowledge specially across Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Technologies and Project Management space. I am a passionate Project Manager and a certified PMP, PRINCE2, PMI AH-MC [*among world’s first]. I am also a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) in data management and analytics. Leveraging AI capabilities through Microsoft Azure cognitive capabilities is one of my greatest strengths. I have a solid grip on Azure cloud computing and have done certifications in all 3 Azure Fundamentals (Azure, Azure Data, Azure AI) and have achieved topmost ⛰️ expert level certification Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert.


  • 👨‍💻 Membership:- I am an active member of PMI (Project Management Institute), ACS (Australian Computer Society) and Data Science Foundation (DSF).


  • ✍️ Writing:- I truly enjoy writing and I am listed as an official author with Towardsdatascience (555k followers) and TowardsAI (165k followers), you can follow me on Medium https://medium.com/@jayant.kodwani


  • 🎓 Academic:- I have acquired a Masters degree in Computer Science from Sikkim Manipal University. I graduated with a B.Sc. (Physics) from Delhi University and later studied business management PGDBM from IMT. 


Here are my 3 tips 🔔 for all data enthusiasts like me:

1. Clutter is the enemy of clarity.
2. A wealth of information create poverty of attention.
3. Humility is the true key of success. 


Verify all certifications via Acclaim/Credly:  https://www.youracclaim.com/users/jayant-kodwani/badges

Verify MACS CP at ACS website: https://www.acs.org.au/solutionsforemployers/cp-directory.html

For PRINCE2 Verify via https://www.axelos.com/successful-candidates-register

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