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Top 25 SQL Commands to Python Cheat Sheet

Hello Readers, Are you a programmer like me, who have who have mastered SQL over the years and then ventured into the world of Python??  As per the TIOBE (The Importance Of Being Earnest ) and PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language Index),  Python is ranked as #1 most […]

Checkmate the OCR Challenge: Image to Text Extraction

Extract text from images in 3 simple steps Unleash the power of Microsoft Azure Computer vision using Python OCR optical character recognition or to say in layman terms extracting text from images has been one of the most remarkable features available today. Gone are the days when organizations employed […]

Key Phrase Extraction and Visualization: Python and Microsoft Power BI

Discover insights in unstructured text   Implementing RAKE algorithm in Python and Power BI integration Key-Phrase Extraction, Photo by Rabie Madaci on Unsplash We live in an age where data is the new currency! This makes the Big tech giants the richest companies in the world. The best investment for the […]

Analyzing and Visualizing Sentiments from Unstructured data

Using Microsoft Azure Text Analytics and Power BI Integration Photo by Mason Jones on Unsplash The Sentiment Analysis Microsoft Azure Cognitive services and Power BI Integration The total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world is forecasted to increase rapidly, reaching 74 zettabytes in 2021 (Source: Statista). Imagine how much of this 74 […]

New Agile Hybrid Project Pro Micro-Credential (Coming in April 2021)

Dear Readers, I think being among the first in the world to obtain the Micro-Credential: Agile Hybrid Project Pro (AH-MC) from the #ProjectManagementInstitute, I have another great opportunity to share my knowledge and experience. So what is PMI Agile Hybrid Project Pro? According to the PMI, the credential demonstrates […]

The Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction Captured!

One of the perks of working from home is that you get a little extra time for yourself. I was lucky enough that I could pick my dream of amateur astronomy and was able to capture the greatest and rarest conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. What made this spectacle […]

Delete these words from your resume ASAP

Before you get that call for an interview, its your resume which can make or break a connection with the recruiters and hiring managers. A strong and impactful resume should have the power to communicate with the right set of comprehension and word selection. While many people nail […]

VBA Macro to Split Single Excel file into Multiple Excel Files basis any row count

Dear Readers,  A strong command in MS Excel is one of must have skill for every professional but an expertise in VBA is a lifesaver. Recently, I encountered a common situation where a platform had a limitation of accepting excel files with no more than 1000 rows. This […]

Watching ISS International Space Station amid COVID-19 lockdown

The world has come to a halt due to Coronavirus pandemic and like millions of others, I have been working from home. This means that I am saving around 3-4 hours of office commute and now getting some extra precious time to spend on my interest areas. It […]

Income Tax 2020 Regime Decision Maker

Still confused on which Income Tax 2020 regime you should opt for??  Relax, you are not the only one. In the annual budget for 2020 announced on 1 Feb 2020, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that taxpayers, should they choose to forego all exemptions, will now pay across six tax […]

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