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Delete these words from your resume ASAP

Before you get that call for an interview, its your resume which can make or break a connection with the recruiters and hiring managers. A strong and impactful resume should have the power to communicate with the right set of comprehension and word selection. While many people nail this art with ease, others struggle with what to write, what to highlight and how to summarize and end up using what is known as “Buzzwords“. These buzzwords sounds great to read but actually do not add any value to your credibility. Here are the top 10 buzzwords that you should delete from your resume asap.

  1. motivated/highly motivated
  2. hard working
  3. energetic
  4. punctual
  5. loyal
  6. enthusiastic
  7. team player
  8. client-focussed
  9. a people person/leader
  10. good communicator/ interpersonal skills
  • So I cleaned up resume but now it looks deserted
  • How will a recruiter assess my resume?
  • What next?? Why did you suggest to even remove these?

The problem with buzzwords is that they are not backed up with your experience and achievements. They appear to be fake and often copy/pasted from other fellas, So, the answer is that you should add your actions, examples, evidences and how you demonstrated those qualities. This can be done when you use verbs like:

  1. As a part of project team, I contributed by….
  2. developed…..
  3. initiated/took an initiative….a daily stand up…
  4. conducted….sessions for training/coaching…
  5. Managed the….. project/transition…
  6. I mentored…..
  7. I ensured….
  8. transitioned…..
  9. Provide evidence> I was recognized/awarded/nominated….
  10. Provide evidence> I got certified by…..

Last but not the least, don’t miss I volunteered to add a cherry on the cake. To conclude, I would recommend you

  • To check your resume and get rid of the buzzwords.
  • Never ever let anybody else create/write your resume/ Do not copy stuff as is from your friends and colleagues. You might accidently add the buzzwords as well.
  • Provide actions/outcomes/evidences/efforts.

I hope the above tips will help you in your job search journey especially during these tough pandemic times. Best of luck! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and to connect to my network :

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