THE PPF Calculator


Public Provident Fund (PPF) was introduced in India in 1968 with the objective to mobilize small saving in the form of investment, coupled with a return on it. It can also be called a savings-cum-tax savings investment vehicle that enables one to build a retirement corpus while saving on annual taxes. Anyone looking for a safe investment option to save taxes and earn guaranteed returns should open a PPF account. However, there is no tool available for citizens to plan their investment and calculate the ROI. There was a need to build a calculator which can accept investment amount, interest rates on monthly or yearly basis to plan future retirement corpus. 

Idea and Solution

  Here is an Excel and VBA based PPF calculator which can help you to become:

  1. A smart Investor by maximizing your returns on your PPF investment.
  2. Flexible Contribution: Decide your contribution Fixed or variable on monthly/yearly basis which can help you achieve your investment goal.
  3. Flexibility Interest: You never know when markets can be disrupted by epidemic like Coronavirus, but you can always plan your investment by assuming and providing flexible interest rate to this PPF Calculator.
  4. Reports available to answers questions  like
  • What would be the value of my PPF investment when I would be 50 years old?
  • What would be the value of my PPF investment in 2030?
  • Investment report for 50 year PPF returns (*assuming unlimited extensions)
  • Verify if PPF interests were correctly accounted in your PPF account.

Ability to view investment returns by Age or Year

Full Flexibility to provide Monthly/Yearly Investments


This packaged product is available free of cost at my blog ( to everyone so that they can plan their investments and secure their future. Almost 100+ man hours were spent in designing this entire calculator with complex form designing to allow flexibility and compatibility. This tool has been designed to store and plan investments till 2050  and is easily customizable for future. In the end, I am glad that this tool will be available after my lifetime as well because THIS LIFE IS TO HELP OTHERS!

Easily slice through filters to see your ROI for next 50 Years



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