PPF Calculator


“A must have for PPF Subscribers, Investors, Finance Professionals, Advisers, students and any salaried employee who invest or plans to invest in Public provident Fund”


  Here is an Excel based PPF calculator available Free of cost which can help you to:

  1. Be a smart Investor by maximizing your returns on your PPF investment.
  2. Flexible Contribution: Decide your contribution Fixed or variable on monthly/yearly basis which can help you achieve your investment goal.
  3. Flexibility Interest: You never know when markets can be disrupted by epidemic like Coronavirus, but you can always plan your investment by assuming and providing flexible interest rate to this PPF Calculator.
  4. Reports available to answers questions  like
  • What would be the value of my PPF investment when I would be 50 years old?
  • What would be the value of my PPF investment in 2030?
  1. Investment report for 50 year PPF returns (*assuming unlimited extensions)

  2. Verify if PPF interests were correctly accounted in your PPF account.

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