How to Book a Tiger Safari at Ranthambore National Park

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Majority of tourists (domestic as well as Foreign) don’t know how to online book Tiger safari at Ranthambore through official means and end up booking safari at higher prices through Hotels and touts.  Hotels/agents charge 40-70% higher than the genuine amount  basis the season and availability. For example:- I have seen hotels/agents charging around 1200 INR per person (Indian) for a Canter Safari whereas the official charges for Safari booking as of 2018 is 582 INR per person (Indian) Canter. 

The official website of Rajasthan Government for Wildlife Safari Booking  is

There is also a step-by-step PDF manual which will help you with the process and guidance for booking the tickets online.


Can you spot the Sambar Deer? It is Tiger’s Favorite Food

Let me talk more about the things which usually nobody shares. Below is a copy of Booking confirmation Slip for a Canter Safari in Zone-3. This slip provides a lot of information for about Ranthambore Safari like the timings, boarding point, charges in Details and terms and conditions. 


Safari Zones, Mode and Cost at Ranthambore National Park


Spotted Deer at Ranthambore National Park

Once you have registered on the portal,  you will face questions like:

  • Which safari zone is the best?
  • What is the best mode of Safari?
  • What would be the cost of Safari?

Below is the table with all the answers. However, talking about safari zones there is no guarantee of a Tiger sighting in any of the zones. It is all about sheer Luck and the probability. Though Zone 3 has much higher probability of Tiger sighting because of the water bodies, you may still end up without any Tiger Sighting. From my personal experience, I have visited Zone 3 and 6 and was unsuccessful of a Tiger Sighting, but I am optimistic and would surely try again.


Important Note for Foreign visitors

You might face challenges while trying to register on as you don’t have Indian ID’s like Aadhaar and Facebook/Google/Twitter Logins don’t work most of the time. In case you face such issues, don’t be upset and feel free to contact me to facilitate the same. I can secure a booking for you from my Login ID. Why I am ready to help?  because of the vision of this blog “This Life is to help others“.  How much will it cost? Nothing

Note for Foreign visitor


Sambar Deers on a run for drinking water

The Boarding Point and time for Safari

You should reach the boarding point at-least 1 hour prior to the Safari Time. The boarding point is at Forest Safari Booking Office. Here is the exact location and address for the boarding point.

Boarding Point:- Forest Safari Booking Office, Shilpgram, Village Ramsinghpura, Ranthambhore Road, Sawai Madhopur

Below is the Google Map location for the boarding point.

20180414_075001 (2)

Can you spot the Crocodile?? Yes there it is, in the lake.. Good Job!

I hope this article was helpful. Wishing you Good Luck for a Tiger Sighting at Ranthambore.

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If you have any questions regarding Ranthambore National Park Safari please raise your query at the following and I will try my best to respond. HAVE A QUERY??

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    • If you book it from the official portal then you would need to reach shilpgram, if you book it via hotel then it would pick you up from hotel.

  1. i tried many times through official site for ranthambore safari but in the end after filling all details it say invalid result. it is big scam as hotels and ranthambore officials are making money by charging 50 percent higher rate for booking through outside means. you can try today then u will see how all are looting indians.

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